Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

From my old CrockPot Blog-
We are having Thanksgiving over at my sister's house this year. Our plan is to keep the menu very simple. My husband is not home for the holiday and he is the one who loves a lot of variety. So, while I will miss him - we have a simpler menu!

I'm not usually very creative on Thanksgiving. But the other day I was listening to our local Christian Radio station and they had a guest chef on - Clive Berkman. I had never heard of him but he had some very interested recipes and a wonderful testimony.

I tracked down the radio station's website and found the recipes.

I'm going to try the stuffing, I think. It does sound wonderful.

But I'll probably have a sample of "Stove Top" available!


I declare that the Stuffing/dressing recipe is a HIT. It was phenomenal!!

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Tara B. said...

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!